Benefits of Using Google Analytics

Are you interested to know more about the people visiting your site? If you do, you wouldn't want to miss installing the tool that will help you get what you desire- the Google Analytics. Don't worry; this is a free tool so you don't have to spend any money out from your own pocket. It is designed to track information on your website. It gathers data on how your visitors interact with your site. Google analytics WordPress is one example of it. You can use wordpress plugins to get started. Just click this link to find more helpful information about Google Analytics.


Now, how does Google Analytics relate to your SEO campaign? Well, this tool is very helpful in tracking your keyword's performance so you would come up with a successful campaign. With this, you will know the amount of traffic your site receives as a result of the keyword you have used, Through Google Analytics; you will gain so much information which you can never get without using this tool.


In your optimization campaign, it pays to use a tool that is free of charge, especially if you want to save in your budget. And Google Analytics can be yours for free. The fact that it is free does not compromise its functionality. In fact, it is even more useful that many tools you can purchase online.

With Google Analytics, you will know how your visitors found out about your site. This means exploring not just the effectiveness of the keywords you used to increase your online visibility. It also allows you to know other keywords your visitors typed when looking for your site. There may only appear few keywords in your initial optimization campaign. However, the list can grow bigger as you maximize your effort.


Also, Google Analytics will allow you to know what links and pages are visited most by your visitors. This gives you an idea what are the popular links and pages. Hence, it helps you in your analysis whether you are directing your optimization campaign to correct pages and traffic.


Another advantage you can get from this tool is visitor segmentation. It gives you the number of visitors brought to your site as a result if your optimization campaign effort. Analytic results can even be segmented as to returning or new visitors, referral sources or geography.


With Google Analytics, it will be easier for you to fine tune your website. And if you find any page that is not converting well, you can simply make a new copywriting on it. By doing so, this will yield more quality prospects and increase the numbers of your clients in the days to come.


The data that will be collected will not only be limited to the traffic you are getting from Google. You will also get information from Yahoo and MSN search results relating to your site. You can use this information to fortify your stronghold on your search platform. And this will surely work to your advantage.